How to Configure Conditions, Procedures and Treatments in Your Profile

Please take approximately 10-15 minutes to review your website profile, any conditions, treatments and procedures associated with your daily clinical work. As you go through the process we have provided a pre-populated list of conditions/treatments to help expedite this important process. By completing this task, your clinical activities will be electronically tagged to relevant terms that reflect the scope of services you provide.

STEP 1: Access your profile

Please visit and take a few minutes to review and add any conditions, procedures and treatments associated with your daily clinical work to your website profile.

STEP 2: Select, add or adjust your expertise areas

  • Click Add New

  • Select all expertise areas in which you specialize using the + sign signs. These are not necessarily your board certifications, but are areas where you perform patient care.

    Note: Some areas allow for further specification, indicated by a small arrow to the left of the listed Expertise Area. Example: “Pediatrics” includes “Pediatric Critical Care”. If your emphasis is in this area, include it as an Expertise Area.

    expertise areas 1_screenshot

  • Selected expertise areas will be listed at the top, and may be removed by clicking the  to the right of their listing:
    expertise areas 2_screenshot

STEP 3: Select or add your conditions, treatments, and procedures

  • Click Add New in the section labeled “Conditions, Treatments, and Procedures.”

  • To add specific items to your profile, either:

    • Use the search box (at top, above) to search for a specific condition, treatment, or procedure related to your work. To add the concept, click add sign. The system may suggest a synonym to you.

    • In the concept browser (at bottom, above), select an expertise areas on the left to see related terms on the right. Add as many applicable concepts for each expertise area.

      Note: Use the alphabet at the top right pane of the concept browser to jump ahead. Filter your search using either the “My Expertise Areas” or “All Expertise Areas”.

  • Selected concepts are listed at the bottom, with the related expertise areas. To remove a selected concept, click the the can to the left of the listing.

STEP 4: Save your selections

  • Click certify-changes to save your selections.

    Note: Some terms may not be found under all applicable specialties. You are not confined to selecting only concepts for your selected Areas of Expertise. Use the search bar to add the term regardless of whether or not you have selected those Expertise Areas.

As you may be aware, the new Yale Medicine website will soon be ready for internal launch. Pivotal to the success of the site is the accurate presentation of our providers.

We need your help in populating the website with the conditions, treatments and procedures you wish associated with your name and clinical activity. The purpose of this activity is to provide consumers with the optimal information they are seeking regarding the medical conditions and treatment options you provide. Specifically, this information will optimize search results so that patients and providers can easily find you.

Have questions or need assistance?

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to our team at