Yale Medicine Senior Leadership

Paul Taheri, MD, MBA

Paul Taheri, MD, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Oversees and leads Yale Medicine, a rapidly growing multispecialty medical practice with more than 1,300 full-time and part-time physicians. Provides strategic direction and leadership during a period of significant change in the health care landscape. Dr. Taheri is the practice’s first full-time CEO, and he also serves as deputy dean of clinical affairs at the Yale School of Medicine.


Frederick Borrelli

Frederick Borrelli, MBA, MS

Chief Administrative Officer

Provides leadership and strategic oversight of Yale Medicine staff and facilities, and supports the overall administration of the practice. Directs, plans, and manages comprehensive business affairs, including management and analysis of budgets, program development, human resources, staff training and development, facilities management, and regulatory compliance.


Iain Burchell

Iain Burchell, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for strategic financial leadership and managing operating and capital budgets. Oversees the clinical revenue cycle, develops and implements financial management and reporting systems, and directs approximately 360 Yale Medicine central administration staff.


Babar Khokhar, MD, MBA

Babar Khokhar, MD, MBA

Chief Clinical Transformation Officer

Oversees clinical optimization, population health, and clinical innovation for Yale Medicine. Focuses on enhancing the experience of patients and providers by identifying opportunities for increased efficiency, ensuring implementation of Yale Medicine standards, and sharing successful strategies across the practice.


Kimbirly Moriarty

Kimbirly Moriarty, MS

Chief Strategy Officer

Provides leadership and strategic direction to help Yale Medicine centralize efforts toward expanding its clinical reach, by building its physician network, developing strategic alliances and partnerships, and pursuing new practice acquisitions.


Maryam Saeri

Maryam Saeri, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Leads and manages such areas as clinical operations, infrastructure development, and practice integration. Helps to steer Yale Medicine’s increasing focus on clinical optimization, as the practice works to improve quality, increase efficiency, and lower the overall costs of delivering care.


Lisa Stump

Chief Information Officer

Responsible for the overall strategic and operational direction of Yale Medicine’s Information Technology Services. Stump is senior vice president and chief information officer for the Yale New Haven Health System, and also serves as CIO for the Yale School of Medicine and its clinical practice.


Ronald J. Vender, MD

Ronald J. Vender, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Leads efforts to improve the quality and safety of medical care, develop and strengthen clinical programs, and maintain the highest level of practice standards. He also works to promote professionalism and well-being among physicians.


Steven Choi, MD

Steven Choi, MD

Chief Quality Officer

As the inaugural chief quality officer for Yale Medicine and Yale New Haven Health System, he is responsible for developing and executing a single, unified strategy for quality and safety across all inpatient and ambulatory clinical practice sites.