Yale Medicine Committee Charters

Finance (meets every second Thursday of the month)

The goal of the YM finance committee is to provide strategic assessment of the finances of YM. Specifically, the scope of this committee will include, but is not limited to, the following activities:

  • Review and approval of the YM budget
  • Establishment and review of any/all YM assessments (on-going or time limited)
  • Allocation of YM overhead
  • Professional fee schedule optimization
  • Work with clinical departments whose finances are not optimized to better understand the critical margin drivers and provide support/ direction to enhance those margins
  • Management and allocation of revenue sources – capitation payments, shared service agreement oversight, and other bundled payments
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Financial reporting
  • Shared service oversight
  • Establishment of general guidelines and monitoring of the central YNHHS contracting function
  • Monitoring and assessment of physician clinical productivity
  • Development of principles of physician compensation

Operations (meets every third Thursday of the month)

The goal of the operations committee is to ensure optimal clinical delivery. The scope of the operations committee will include, but, is not limited to, the following activities:

  • Define, communicate, monitor and enforce practice standards
  • Ensure quality delivery and reduced variation in care delivery
  • Optimize asset utilization (space, technology, others).
  • Focus, monitor, and ensure Epic optimization and define clear IT priorities
  • Continually assess the impact of Epic deployment on physician workflow
  • Provide leadership and direction on meaningful clinical integration and the rationalization of clinical delivery
  • Determine impact of incremental faculty hires on operations
  • Assess clinical space and edit/review master facility plans
  • Ensure a robust common physician on-boarding process
  • Oversee and advise on large projects within YM (e.g. Revenue cycle)
  • Oversight of Y-access and other communication initiatives which impact clinical delivery
  • Oversee the project management functions/operations within YM
  • Clinic optimization
  • Ambulatory strategic planning

Network Development and Strategy (meets every third Wednesday of the Month)

The goal of the Network Development and Strategy Committee is to set strategic direction for the clinical practice, guide the development of growth and business expansion initiatives, and ensure alignment with YM, YSM, and YNHHS. The scope of activities will include but, is not limited to, the following:

  • Develop a cohesive strategic plan in concert with YSM and YNHHS
  • Expansion of YM services across distinct geographic sites - ambulatory growth and development
  • Assessment of our current practice locations, utilization, and overall efficacy
  • Assess new practice acquisitions/integrations and other clinical service requests to understand their impact on YM
  • Develop a comprehensive physician workforce plan
  • Brand Management/Clinical Marketing
  • Develop joint advocacy strategies with YNHHS
  • Develop innovative clinical programs and service lines
  • Lead Business Development initiatives – Telehealth, International, etc.
  • Guide efforts of the YM Outreach function and promote referring provider engagement
  • Promote/improve network integration